Friday, April 16, 2010

Building Farm Fences

Im building a fence for my new farm.
You might want to know what I am doing in NZ.
The reason I am here is because there is more land here for a farm.

Captain Cook Comes to NZ

We have been researching what it was like for Captain Cook when he first came to New Zealand. He met a new and strange people, who lived very differently from the way he had been brought up in Britain.
Have a look at what we found out.

Holiday Movie

Kobe's introduction makes this movie sound really exciting.
Wow this movie is awesome! I wonder if anyone has seen it?
It lookes like my two sisters enjoyed it. I can't wait until the Vampire's Assistant comes out. My sister liked it for her birthday present. I wonder why my sister picked town to watch the movie?

My 2009 Blog Posts

Last year when I was in Year 5 I was in Room 16 with Mr Palmer.

Click here to see my blog post in 2009.