Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Net Book Reflection

This year having a Net book to work on has really been easier. On my net book my writing has looked way more neat its so simple then just writing with a pencil and paper then waiting for ages for a computer to go on. Then writing it all over again that can take for ever, its just so easier having a net book.

Sometimes my net book has some series's problems sometimes I go onto a web site and its way to slow waiting and waiting and waiting.Its all ready been past ten minutes,clicking the refresh button several times over and over again, its just to slow.Another thing I think that's a big problem that my net book freezes time to time.

Net book to work on has really been easier. When we write, its faster to type then finding and pencil and my book and with my gadget device I don't need to sharpen anything to write.if I need to delete a word just with a push of a button it’s gone but if you have pencil and paper you have to get a rubber to and trust me its hard to find.

The hardest thing For me is that it is just way to hard to stay on tusk because my net book has way to much cool stuff on it like games, music and others.Its just to hard to stay on tusk

I think it will be all right because sometimes its just to confusing but going back to my pencil and paper just makes so much stuff boring. plus I lose a lot and lots of my stuff!! that includes pencils and books.

Friday, November 25, 2011

What Would land Frist???????

This is the Apollo 15 on the moon they are testing witch object will land first a feather or a hammer. they then on a count of 5 they dropped the objects.

They landed the same time the reason is because our earths atmosphere is blue and when you drop a feather it glides down because of the wind. But the moon has no atmosphere and the feather doesn't glide because their is no wind blowing it so they dropped at the same time.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Learning Irish With Kobe

Snowy Twin peaks

In the past holidays I went to Mount Ruapehu(Twin peaks)a snowy mountain in the middle of the north island of New Zealand.It is really famous for it's sking and snow-boarding, and many people form all around the world come for this.If you were like me and you think snow would feel like sand that melted in you hand, well it doesn't, it feels cold, hard ,freezing, hard, slippery and it also feels hard if you didn't know

So it all started when I was doing my work at school as usual, and we were going to do another math match (I write about it below this writing) when something happened that same time. I jumped up in shock when the Ix-com called my name to come to the office I thought I going to get in trouble but you know me, I'm good as always. I was in for a big surprise.

Well the surprise was the my dad picked me up. well back to my trip were was I hmmmmm oh yeah well there’s just so much to tell you but I think I should tell you the best time of that day, THE HOT THERMAL POOLS YEAH!!!! Just l in the lieing in a privet spy aaaaa!!! I was in heaven.

Friday, September 30, 2011


For the past two weeks my class room 18, has been doing R.W.C (rugby world cup) but in a math way. Mr Barks (our teacher) said that we could have a partner so Raenan and I were partners, a boy in my brainy math group . After when we got a partner (if we wanted to) my teacher said our names then the country, I was Namibia.

The first games were New Zealand v Tonga , Scotland v Romania , Australia v Italy and Fiji v Namibia. When we had our net books out we went to this web site called black dog, a math web site “3” “2” “1” GO!!! I felt so amazed straight away, I thought we were going to win just because Fiji wasn't even here.

I looked at all the teams in my pool and I thought they were soooo easy until I saw Samoa. A boy called De’Vyne and Potoua the fastest people that knew their times tables. It all started that day when I went to go get my bag and I saw them like an eagle stoking it’s prey and they were challenging each other, you wouldn't even believe the results.

We played a good match but to be honest we lost by a huge amount, my partner was going crazy like mad and so my journey began.

PS - we won against Wales, Fiji and South Africa and now I'm in the Quarter-finals wish me good luck

Fun Fact Of Samoa

This is about the fact that I learnt about Samoa hope you enjoy this sideshow

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Story Behind The Flag(Samoa)

The red on the Samoan flag means courage and the blue in the upper left corner means freedom and of course the stars you now what it is.Its the southern Cross

Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday, September 16, 2011

Story Behind The Flag (USA)

If you look at the USA flag and you look up in the upper left side there is the 52 stars that is the 52 states of America

Friday, September 9, 2011

Learning Italian With Kobe

I have been working on the Italy for my own project
so I thought I thought I'll give my skills to the test and
try to speak Italian

ciao il mio nome e: means hi my name is

molto buona: means very good

il tuo nome: means what is your name

buongiorno: means good morning

Story Behind The Flag

whats the story behind the Argentina flag you might say??? Well the blue lines mean the the river of silver the white line means the silver metal and in the center is the sun of may

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Typing Progress

I have been learning how to type fast with my home keys

Its Going To Be A Blast!!!

Then were going to go bowling and then........OH!!!! I never saw you there, your probably wondering what I'm talking about well guess ??? I can’t hold it in, the school holidays is coming YIPPEE!! I'm freaking out here man.This this this is be a dream come true I think my heart just skipped a beat.

Were going to do lots out cool stuff, my cousins are coming down I all ways have a good time when they come do and they both live up north were going to go and pick them up my dad said were going to do lots fun stuff I gently turned my head with a big gigantic smile on my face.
Lot’s of trots went through my head bowling Lazar tag ice skating haaaaaaaaaa I just can’t wait it’s going to be a blast!

Swinging Like A Pro

Wow!!! for the last three week’s or so I guest I actually learnt to swing a racket around, not by hitting people on the head. Let’s just say I learnt how to play badminton..........OK,OK you got me.

It all started off when our class went out to learn badminton with the professionals (“sound's like me”) and they showed some tricky moves (“someone like me could only do that”). They showed us some moves like the forehand the backhand So I think I was all ready good at this sport at lest that’s what I thought???

We played around trying to hit tap what ever you want to call it.It was pretty tricky at first but then it was just plane simple. “Tap” 1 “tap” 2 “tap” 3 “tap” 4 “bong” ohhh
that was sound of me dropping the shuttle .
It was an exulting day we felt really sluggish and smelt like BO Gross. The next time we finished a hard game of badminton we were getting better and better but that time we felt different WE FELT LIKE PROS,CAMPAIGNS,MASTERS.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Geronimo's Valentine

This book Geronimo’s Valentine is a book about a mouse called Geronimo Stilton .The story starts off by telling the readers that he is a publisher at the most famouse news paper factory’s in mouse island.it’s valentine day and he finally gets a date of he’s dream’s her name is Petunia Pretty Paws a Tv reporter saving the environment and Stilton has had a crash on her for his whole life.
Geronimo dressed up in a tuxedo that he had rented he had all so rented a cheese-colored convertible and he sprayed the cologne called Cheddarini.He was super excited as he got out of the shower, he walked out side a pail of rotten fish fall on hem he looked up but there was no one there more stuff keep-ed happening will this ever end.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Death Or Glory

I have been reading a amazingly good book called Death or Glory a series of I Hero and you can pick your own destiny. It all starts off when when your a little kid and the Romans's come to your town, they kill your parents and kidnap you. you get raised by a family and you become a warrior the lord talks to you he says's “I have sent some guards to go spy on the soldiers but haven’t returned. Take my bodyguards and find out what happened.”You go on top of the hill on and spy on them one of the bodyguards says’s “there’s to much of them.” You refuse to abandon the mission so you jump down and they spot you, your in a big war your bodyguards die and you slash and slash through your way but then BANG on your head,knockout..................... !!!!!to!!!!be!!!continued!!!!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Canada Day

Canada day (the 1st of July) is a very light-hearted day for all Canadians all around the world . It is a frosty icebox when it is winter, with temperatures lower then 50 degrees C. They have a very beautiful view sometimes when they just kick back and look up and see the northern lights. Amazing!

Friday, June 17, 2011


A few weeks ago my dad, uncle and a few of his friends made their own team, their name,the mates.Ever time they played they played at a stadium called the ASB When they play there is two chairs a little tiny table and a score bored and there is all ways a person there called Ema. She mostly came to our school to teach net ball and it was so spectacular and she all ways calls me our my sister to came and help her do the points.It is really fun there when we go to the basket ball game. I all ways go there with BKs (Burger King)for my dinner and ever time we just get to the game the drink is all watery the chips are stone hard cold and the burger is warm.So I think that's it h...h...hold on I nearly forgot something and it is funny so funny that it well blow your shoes off. I hope oh well here I go when my dad play and their losing and the player on the other side has the ball and when he just touches him he falls like hes been shot .ahhhhhhhh, yup I that's that

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

games and fun at tamiaki

A few weeks ago my class and a few class’s other came with us to Tamaki collage I really enjoyed the really amazing activities and tasty treats the they provided us with it was just amazing. Oh! and your probably wondering what we were doing there, well all of my class was invited to go to the other class’s. It it was so excited that my heart skipped a beat and I nearly fainted well I geest im over dramatic but we just had a amazing time there .
My favorite game that we played was basketball, the trust game and the human knot. When my group and I played the trust game one person had to stand on the deck above us and we had the put our arms out then they jumped off the deck and smack! there they were right in our hands. It was so fun when we went to the collage with them and I really liked it when they showed us the letters when we played that orienteering but we still lost it was just a amazingly wonderful time.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Do You Really know What Joy Means

Wow! Pazaaaaaar, I know...don’t you just love the amazing feeling of joy? I do! Playing is my thing to do, it’s so much fun,but I am here to talk about what joy looks, feels and sounds like. Hmmmmm, I think joy looks like people having fun and laughing for no reason, and I think joy feels like a wonderful thing inside of you that says yea!!! Now, the lucky last thing that I am going to tell you about, is what it sounds like. Joy sounds just like laughter, excitement and people like cowboys (YEEE HA! ) I hope you have learned something about joy!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Joy what a wonderful feeling don't you think,well I am talking about my value that I am talking about Joy and I thought this picture is what it meant a laugh is a smile that bursts

Friday, March 4, 2011

Link To Website

This is a image, and this is my first link to this photo to the website. If you like it you should click on me to go and have a look

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

First post

This is my first post for 2011