Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Snowy Twin peaks

In the past holidays I went to Mount Ruapehu(Twin peaks)a snowy mountain in the middle of the north island of New Zealand.It is really famous for it's sking and snow-boarding, and many people form all around the world come for this.If you were like me and you think snow would feel like sand that melted in you hand, well it doesn't, it feels cold, hard ,freezing, hard, slippery and it also feels hard if you didn't know

So it all started when I was doing my work at school as usual, and we were going to do another math match (I write about it below this writing) when something happened that same time. I jumped up in shock when the Ix-com called my name to come to the office I thought I going to get in trouble but you know me, I'm good as always. I was in for a big surprise.

Well the surprise was the my dad picked me up. well back to my trip were was I hmmmmm oh yeah well there’s just so much to tell you but I think I should tell you the best time of that day, THE HOT THERMAL POOLS YEAH!!!! Just l in the lieing in a privet spy aaaaa!!! I was in heaven.

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