Friday, September 30, 2011


For the past two weeks my class room 18, has been doing R.W.C (rugby world cup) but in a math way. Mr Barks (our teacher) said that we could have a partner so Raenan and I were partners, a boy in my brainy math group . After when we got a partner (if we wanted to) my teacher said our names then the country, I was Namibia.

The first games were New Zealand v Tonga , Scotland v Romania , Australia v Italy and Fiji v Namibia. When we had our net books out we went to this web site called black dog, a math web site “3” “2” “1” GO!!! I felt so amazed straight away, I thought we were going to win just because Fiji wasn't even here.

I looked at all the teams in my pool and I thought they were soooo easy until I saw Samoa. A boy called De’Vyne and Potoua the fastest people that knew their times tables. It all started that day when I went to go get my bag and I saw them like an eagle stoking it’s prey and they were challenging each other, you wouldn't even believe the results.

We played a good match but to be honest we lost by a huge amount, my partner was going crazy like mad and so my journey began.

PS - we won against Wales, Fiji and South Africa and now I'm in the Quarter-finals wish me good luck

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Dorothy said...

Go Kobe and the brainy Maths group. You have added a whole new element to your Maths learning and it sounds like fun. Good on you.

Mrs Burt