Thursday, December 13, 2012

My 2012 Year Reflection

Hi my name is Kobe Tutahi, this year I have enjoyed having new friends getting better and learning new things. I am not looking forward to next year going off to high school because I will be alone in Papatoetoe. : (   

Monday, December 3, 2012

Friday, November 30, 2012

TC Writing

It was a very dull day, the sun had disappeared though the pitch black clouds, and drops of cold raindrops had splashed on my head.”Dammit ! when are the teachers coming to pick us up from tech”, I had said in my head I had thought it was just a regular Thursday but I was wrong.

I was standing in the rain waiting, and waiting, and waiting.”COME ON FOLLOW THE CROWD”, MR Grundy had said I had done what he had said I was wondering what we were going to do.I wasn't very excited about the idea of heading into their school library.
We had just been told to get in to three groups I was wounding what this was for.Then we got into them and we got told that we were going to do maths, English, and and music, "NOOOOOOO!" I said this must be hard, collage work already.

The first thing we had done was music, I thought it was stink we had to make up a rap and we only had 10 minuets."WOW" ten minuets I cant even think of a good piece of writing that long .After we made one up we had to sing it "NOOOOOO" I had said once again.Our group had done our rap and I sighed though the whole song, will I survive high school from boredom. I guess I'll see in the future?



Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Monday, November 26, 2012

My Poem (The Best Ever)

Where I am from I see trees swaying side to side.
Where I am from I hear loud music and laughter all over.
Where I am from I touch fur of my dog.  
Where I am from I taste the beauty sensation of the butter chicken.
Where I am from I smell fresh hangi being made.   
Where I am from I feel tired waking up every time and 5.00 just to make it to school.
I am from, NZ

Friday, November 16, 2012

The abandoned barn

It was Halloween, the sky was pitch black, the moon had risen suddenly lightning bolts were thundered down.Leon, Mari, Greg and Noah were a bunch of teens as soon as they saw the lightning they ran for cover under a tree.Then they saw a barn in the distance.

“Yozza Greg you know this area right” Noah said with swagger.
”oh yeah this place is really run down,but word on the street is that that barn is the scariest place in the world.”
“How do you know this, do your science nerds live in this area.”
“Were called Zoltan and yes Ned lives around here.”
“Isn't that he that person that peed his pants”Mari said.
“Hey who cares let’s just go over there and have some fun” Leon said with anger .

 Mari started to get goose bumps and Greg’s teeth were chattering and Noah tried to hide his fear, while Leon led the way.Clump clump the sound of their steps in the mud “OMG my heels are muddy now, thanks a lot Leon” “ you're welcome Mari.” he said sarcastically

They had gotten to the door and Leon pushed it open then entered, then suddenly a gust of wind slammed the door shut, but they remained calm.The whole barn was a mess there was rubble,rats, and dead cows all over the place.Suddenly Mari saw a sheet on the ground move,so she went to go and check it out.Suddenly a swarm of Black Widows scurried and hid under the floorboards “AHHHHHHH!!!”Mari screamed with fear.

“Look” Greg said the spiders came out and went into the cow's mouth then moments later they ran out then the cows eyes opened and all you could hear is a loud MOO “holy shiznit the cows alive”Naoh said then he had picked up some rubble and throw it at its head then nothing happened then Naoh touched it “NOOOO!!!” Then a thing came out of the cows mouth and ate him with a huge gulp

“AAAAHHHHH!!!” Mari screamed once again “It ate Noah” Mri said
“Go run” Leon said then he grabbed a nearby pipe and hit it with one blow.They ran into the other room and locked the door.MOOOO!! “ahhh” Greg said
“Shhh Mari” Leon said
“That was Greg” Mari said
“Oh” Leon said

BANG!BANG!BANG! the cow was ramming into the door the ”The hinges are going to let out at any minute” Greg said. It went silent They armed themselves Leon opened the door and the cow laid dead again on the rubble. “What just happened ?” Leon said They walked Leon lead the way with Mari at the back there was a. bang everyone turned then something snathced Mari they ran for the door but the cow was in the way MOO.They ran for the back door but the spiders were there “Theres no way out” Greg said then he tripped over a handle “Look its a hatch” Greg said.They ran into it and closed the hatch behind them, they were in a abandoned  wine cellar there was an exit on the far side of the room.

They ran for it when suddenly the cow rammed through the hatch and the spider followed “Oh no” Greg said as they ran as fast as they could “We won’t make it” Greg said
“We can make it” Leon said they ran and Leon rammed the door smashing it into pieces.The sun rose and as soon as the cow got into the sunlight it vanished into dust and so did the spider then, the wind blew it away and what was left was Mari and Noah.


also done with Tupac

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Vacation gone wrong

The sand was burning on my feet, sweat beating down my head, my clothes were sticking to my skin.There was heaps of laughter and joy that day. Tana,Tevita,Lave, a little boy named Melvin and I had gone for a vacation.

“Come on bro’s let’s go for a swim” cheered Tana. Melvin thought it was boring and ran to the huge rock to bomb off. Something badly had happened, Melvin had slipped and hit his head on the rock and had fell unconscious. Somehow his body had moved into the sea.

We all searched for a few minutes trying to find him, we thought he was just playing.Hours went past, this was serious, we called the police and had not found him.

Three years went past we had nearly forgot about the horrible incident. One day an important phone call came. ”Um sir is this Kobe,Tana,Tevita or Lave?”, said a familiar voice. “Yes”, I had responded. I was thinking to myself I know this voice. “Oh yes, I've finally found you guys, its me Melvin” I was stunned, YES he’s still alive!