Friday, November 30, 2012

TC Writing

It was a very dull day, the sun had disappeared though the pitch black clouds, and drops of cold raindrops had splashed on my head.”Dammit ! when are the teachers coming to pick us up from tech”, I had said in my head I had thought it was just a regular Thursday but I was wrong.

I was standing in the rain waiting, and waiting, and waiting.”COME ON FOLLOW THE CROWD”, MR Grundy had said I had done what he had said I was wondering what we were going to do.I wasn't very excited about the idea of heading into their school library.
We had just been told to get in to three groups I was wounding what this was for.Then we got into them and we got told that we were going to do maths, English, and and music, "NOOOOOOO!" I said this must be hard, collage work already.

The first thing we had done was music, I thought it was stink we had to make up a rap and we only had 10 minuets."WOW" ten minuets I cant even think of a good piece of writing that long .After we made one up we had to sing it "NOOOOOO" I had said once again.Our group had done our rap and I sighed though the whole song, will I survive high school from boredom. I guess I'll see in the future?



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