Friday, September 30, 2011


For the past two weeks my class room 18, has been doing R.W.C (rugby world cup) but in a math way. Mr Barks (our teacher) said that we could have a partner so Raenan and I were partners, a boy in my brainy math group . After when we got a partner (if we wanted to) my teacher said our names then the country, I was Namibia.

The first games were New Zealand v Tonga , Scotland v Romania , Australia v Italy and Fiji v Namibia. When we had our net books out we went to this web site called black dog, a math web site “3” “2” “1” GO!!! I felt so amazed straight away, I thought we were going to win just because Fiji wasn't even here.

I looked at all the teams in my pool and I thought they were soooo easy until I saw Samoa. A boy called De’Vyne and Potoua the fastest people that knew their times tables. It all started that day when I went to go get my bag and I saw them like an eagle stoking it’s prey and they were challenging each other, you wouldn't even believe the results.

We played a good match but to be honest we lost by a huge amount, my partner was going crazy like mad and so my journey began.

PS - we won against Wales, Fiji and South Africa and now I'm in the Quarter-finals wish me good luck

Fun Fact Of Samoa

This is about the fact that I learnt about Samoa hope you enjoy this sideshow

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Story Behind The Flag(Samoa)

The red on the Samoan flag means courage and the blue in the upper left corner means freedom and of course the stars you now what it is.Its the southern Cross

Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday, September 16, 2011

Story Behind The Flag (USA)

If you look at the USA flag and you look up in the upper left side there is the 52 stars that is the 52 states of America

Friday, September 9, 2011

Learning Italian With Kobe

I have been working on the Italy for my own project
so I thought I thought I'll give my skills to the test and
try to speak Italian

ciao il mio nome e: means hi my name is

molto buona: means very good

il tuo nome: means what is your name

buongiorno: means good morning

Story Behind The Flag

whats the story behind the Argentina flag you might say??? Well the blue lines mean the the river of silver the white line means the silver metal and in the center is the sun of may

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Typing Progress

I have been learning how to type fast with my home keys

Its Going To Be A Blast!!!

Then were going to go bowling and then........OH!!!! I never saw you there, your probably wondering what I'm talking about well guess ??? I can’t hold it in, the school holidays is coming YIPPEE!! I'm freaking out here man.This this this is be a dream come true I think my heart just skipped a beat.

Were going to do lots out cool stuff, my cousins are coming down I all ways have a good time when they come do and they both live up north were going to go and pick them up my dad said were going to do lots fun stuff I gently turned my head with a big gigantic smile on my face.
Lot’s of trots went through my head bowling Lazar tag ice skating haaaaaaaaaa I just can’t wait it’s going to be a blast!

Swinging Like A Pro

Wow!!! for the last three week’s or so I guest I actually learnt to swing a racket around, not by hitting people on the head. Let’s just say I learnt how to play badminton..........OK,OK you got me.

It all started off when our class went out to learn badminton with the professionals (“sound's like me”) and they showed some tricky moves (“someone like me could only do that”). They showed us some moves like the forehand the backhand So I think I was all ready good at this sport at lest that’s what I thought???

We played around trying to hit tap what ever you want to call it.It was pretty tricky at first but then it was just plane simple. “Tap” 1 “tap” 2 “tap” 3 “tap” 4 “bong” ohhh
that was sound of me dropping the shuttle .
It was an exulting day we felt really sluggish and smelt like BO Gross. The next time we finished a hard game of badminton we were getting better and better but that time we felt different WE FELT LIKE PROS,CAMPAIGNS,MASTERS.