Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Swinging Like A Pro

Wow!!! for the last three week’s or so I guest I actually learnt to swing a racket around, not by hitting people on the head. Let’s just say I learnt how to play badminton..........OK,OK you got me.

It all started off when our class went out to learn badminton with the professionals (“sound's like me”) and they showed some tricky moves (“someone like me could only do that”). They showed us some moves like the forehand the backhand So I think I was all ready good at this sport at lest that’s what I thought???

We played around trying to hit tap what ever you want to call it.It was pretty tricky at first but then it was just plane simple. “Tap” 1 “tap” 2 “tap” 3 “tap” 4 “bong” ohhh
that was sound of me dropping the shuttle .
It was an exulting day we felt really sluggish and smelt like BO Gross. The next time we finished a hard game of badminton we were getting better and better but that time we felt different WE FELT LIKE PROS,CAMPAIGNS,MASTERS.

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