Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Vacation gone wrong

The sand was burning on my feet, sweat beating down my head, my clothes were sticking to my skin.There was heaps of laughter and joy that day. Tana,Tevita,Lave, a little boy named Melvin and I had gone for a vacation.

“Come on bro’s let’s go for a swim” cheered Tana. Melvin thought it was boring and ran to the huge rock to bomb off. Something badly had happened, Melvin had slipped and hit his head on the rock and had fell unconscious. Somehow his body had moved into the sea.

We all searched for a few minutes trying to find him, we thought he was just playing.Hours went past, this was serious, we called the police and had not found him.

Three years went past we had nearly forgot about the horrible incident. One day an important phone call came. ”Um sir is this Kobe,Tana,Tevita or Lave?”, said a familiar voice. “Yes”, I had responded. I was thinking to myself I know this voice. “Oh yes, I've finally found you guys, its me Melvin” I was stunned, YES he’s still alive!

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