Friday, June 17, 2011


A few weeks ago my dad, uncle and a few of his friends made their own team, their name,the mates.Ever time they played they played at a stadium called the ASB When they play there is two chairs a little tiny table and a score bored and there is all ways a person there called Ema. She mostly came to our school to teach net ball and it was so spectacular and she all ways calls me our my sister to came and help her do the points.It is really fun there when we go to the basket ball game. I all ways go there with BKs (Burger King)for my dinner and ever time we just get to the game the drink is all watery the chips are stone hard cold and the burger is warm.So I think that's it h...h...hold on I nearly forgot something and it is funny so funny that it well blow your shoes off. I hope oh well here I go when my dad play and their losing and the player on the other side has the ball and when he just touches him he falls like hes been shot .ahhhhhhhh, yup I that's that

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