Wednesday, May 25, 2011

games and fun at tamiaki

A few weeks ago my class and a few class’s other came with us to Tamaki collage I really enjoyed the really amazing activities and tasty treats the they provided us with it was just amazing. Oh! and your probably wondering what we were doing there, well all of my class was invited to go to the other class’s. It it was so excited that my heart skipped a beat and I nearly fainted well I geest im over dramatic but we just had a amazing time there .
My favorite game that we played was basketball, the trust game and the human knot. When my group and I played the trust game one person had to stand on the deck above us and we had the put our arms out then they jumped off the deck and smack! there they were right in our hands. It was so fun when we went to the collage with them and I really liked it when they showed us the letters when we played that orienteering but we still lost it was just a amazingly wonderful time.

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