Thursday, April 14, 2011

Do You Really know What Joy Means

Wow! Pazaaaaaar, I know...don’t you just love the amazing feeling of joy? I do! Playing is my thing to do, it’s so much fun,but I am here to talk about what joy looks, feels and sounds like. Hmmmmm, I think joy looks like people having fun and laughing for no reason, and I think joy feels like a wonderful thing inside of you that says yea!!! Now, the lucky last thing that I am going to tell you about, is what it sounds like. Joy sounds just like laughter, excitement and people like cowboys (YEEE HA! ) I hope you have learned something about joy!

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Unaloto said...

Kobe I lernt every thing about Joy and cow boys
keep up the great work Kobe, well done.
From Unaloto