Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Death Or Glory

I have been reading a amazingly good book called Death or Glory a series of I Hero and you can pick your own destiny. It all starts off when when your a little kid and the Romans's come to your town, they kill your parents and kidnap you. you get raised by a family and you become a warrior the lord talks to you he says's “I have sent some guards to go spy on the soldiers but haven’t returned. Take my bodyguards and find out what happened.”You go on top of the hill on and spy on them one of the bodyguards says’s “there’s to much of them.” You refuse to abandon the mission so you jump down and they spot you, your in a big war your bodyguards die and you slash and slash through your way but then BANG on your head,knockout..................... !!!!!to!!!!be!!!continued!!!!

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