Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Net Book Reflection

This year having a Net book to work on has really been easier. On my net book my writing has looked way more neat its so simple then just writing with a pencil and paper then waiting for ages for a computer to go on. Then writing it all over again that can take for ever, its just so easier having a net book.

Sometimes my net book has some series's problems sometimes I go onto a web site and its way to slow waiting and waiting and waiting.Its all ready been past ten minutes,clicking the refresh button several times over and over again, its just to slow.Another thing I think that's a big problem that my net book freezes time to time.

Net book to work on has really been easier. When we write, its faster to type then finding and pencil and my book and with my gadget device I don't need to sharpen anything to write.if I need to delete a word just with a push of a button it’s gone but if you have pencil and paper you have to get a rubber to and trust me its hard to find.

The hardest thing For me is that it is just way to hard to stay on tusk because my net book has way to much cool stuff on it like games, music and others.Its just to hard to stay on tusk

I think it will be all right because sometimes its just to confusing but going back to my pencil and paper just makes so much stuff boring. plus I lose a lot and lots of my stuff!! that includes pencils and books.

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