Wednesday, June 2, 2010


This movie is about my family. We learnt how to do different Maori patterns with Mr Hunia. I have animated my picture to show you how it was formed.


Anonymous said...

Tena koe Kobe,

Wow! That was awesome Kobe! I didn't get to see your final animation, but now that I have seen it I am truly amazed. I wonder if you know, but you managed to get each part flowing with the beat. Awesome work!

Ka kite, Mr Hunia

Room 17 Student said...

Awsome Kobe!That animation was blast.I like who you interested.It was truly amazing.Great work Kobe.

Ka KIte,Matthew R

Kobe said...

Hi mr Hunia

Thank's for the comment, it was sad that you did not see my last animation.