Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cross Country Run

It was time, time for the school cross country this event happened last week on Wednesday luckily I was prepared for the race .I felt confident I even thought I'll come in the top 5 but I didn't.

I stooped feeling confident,is tarted to feel cold and have the butterfly's . Than all the 11 year old went .I didn't want to go apart from running not being my thing I just got some new shoes and the mud is gummy,gowiy,and slimey.

Then it was our turn my heart was pounding so fast, I thought it skipped a beat.But I just thought it was going to be like our training .So the 10 year old boys stepped up to the start line and on cue.Mr burt said "take your marks, get set, GO!!!!!!!!!!!"

I lost all my energy I thought I couldn't go on .My Breathe was coming very hard hard as I was gasping for air. Then my friend came zooming towards me he said "I will help, you gather your momentum then jog with me."

I was near the finish line it felt like we were jogging for two hours I was really excited it was over.

Afterwards I was really exhausted and like I said I was glad it was over.

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Miss Garden said...

I really like the way you described what you felt like in the 4th paragraph. I know what you mean - in fact I'm thinking about what it would be like for you and hoping you'll make it!
You might like to take a look at your very first sentence - there are 3 things happening in it
1. its time for the cross country
2. it happened last week on Wednesday
3. you are prepared
These need to be 3 different sentences.
I felt very satisfied with you at the end of the race, you are doing well at impacting and engaging your audience.
Keep up the good writing Kobe.