Thursday, October 21, 2010

a fun holiday

In the holiday I had lots of fun with my dad, and my two annoying sisters.because my dad had two days off and he also won a bet about the NRL so he thought he well give us a treat.So We went to ten pin bowling, mini golf and the movies.

At ten pin bowling we played lots of games because we had $70 on the card to spend. But wait it gets even better they gave us a card and we won $100

When we spent all the money on games (and playing a game of ten pin bowling) we played a game of mini golf.It was hard,It was the last hole as hit the golf ball then I missed I exploded with fury.

My dad said we are going to the movies,and then i saw my friend Ray he said to me i had $12 but then i spent it all on that shooting game.


alicia robertson said...

It sounds like you had a very fun holiday. I love to spend time with my family on holidays.

stevie said...

Hi Kobe its Stevie and unoloto,so your weekend must been a fun holiday man i wish i could do those thing keep up the good work