Friday, March 2, 2012

The Best Picnic Ever

Having a nice day at the new reserve and chilling out with my buds and swinging the bat like crazy with the sun shine hanging over my head, saying to my self, “this is the best picnic ever” it all started when I sludged to school thinking that my relaxation day was not to be,by looking at the dull sky with frustration “way!! way!!!” I said with anger.

I finally got school with a frown on face “hay, hay, hay, come back, puff, puff, y y y you e e executed t t today” ”catch your breath already and why, we don't even have the picnic” “oh sorry, puff puff we still got the picnic on.

YEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! we got down to the picnic after Mr Brut said a pray for the day there was tons of activates. But all I did was chill out at the beach with my buds and swing the bat like crazy when we played softball some times I'd be lucky and it would roll down the hill and on the thing is that the sun came back out what a surprise, Yup the best picnic ever.

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Tupac said...

Great recount about the picnic Kobe I like all the great words that you used.