Friday, May 4, 2012

Starry Night

The painting Starry Night created by Vincent Van Gogh resembles the night sky.The painting Starry Night mostly uses dark colours to show its night.In the painting Starry Night the texture is very rough but just so beautful the tecnik the siwggils and swirls


Kayde I said...

Kia Ora Kobe.....

That is a very interesting post about Vincent Van Goughs painting Starry Night! You have used good words like resembles,tecnik and siwggils. Keep up the good work Kobe!

From Kayde

Cruz said...

Hey Kobe,
This was a awesome way to describe how the starry night was painted and what it resembles. But maybe next time you might want to re-edit your work to make sure that things are spelt right

Keep up the great work

Melvin said...

Hi Kobe

Good report about the artwork starry night by van gogh the painting sure is dark