Friday, July 20, 2012

Brown Brother

Joshua Iosefo a prefect at Mt Roskill Grammar. All perfects had to do a speech to the school instead he did a poem.One of his friends filmed it and posted it on Youtube and then Campbell Live noticed it and asked him to do a remake.

The message in his poem talks about his skin color(Brown).It is a very strong message about the stereotype.His message was not to limit yourself, do not listen to the stereotypes and not to change what you look like.

I personally felt that he was fed up with stereotypes and wanted to put an end to them.Thinking about him being mocked all the time just makes me sad.I agree with him about stereotypes and people.

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Ms Squires said...

You're right he did have a very strong message. All the examples he gave though were not about his own life necessarily, he was highlighting the stereotypes that he thinks too many people believe but aren't true. I think he highlighted these to convey the message that you shouldn't limit yourself because of what other people think.