Friday, August 24, 2012

My Cross Country Run

In the morning I came to school with excitement, knowing that the day had finally arrived, but let me tell you the full story. It all started two weeks before August the 17th on Thursday when my class (room twenty) split up in the afternoon (because they do kapa haka in my classroom). I went to my old classroom and saw my old teacher Mr Barks, he’s a cool as Canadian. So yeah I was doing my same old writing when Mr Bark’s tells me to pack up and go I was confused it was only 2.30pm.

It looked like he wasn't kidding around, so I packed up and went back to my class and then suddenly my friend burst out of his class saying we had cross country practice!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!”I said with dread but there was a positive side, there was a teacher handing out skipping ropes. “Hey kids you can skip or run.” My jaw dropped. I wanted the skipping rope. Unfortunately I didn’t get one even though there were like 50 of them and so I slouched to the start line.

Quickly the two weeks went past. The day of the Cross Country race had arrived.  I saw my two best friends and they were actually happy.Our plan was to run together and finish as one. They were also happy because it started at 12:30.

But lets  just skip my story to when we started the cross country race. Sadly only me and one of my friends Tau ran, my other friend was too sick to do it. By the time we got to the beach Tau and I were both lagging. There was one part when the mud went up to my knees and we were both shouting !!EXTREME!! It was like a jungle the mud,the hills,big tree’s,zig zags.Tau and I finally finished I was so glad

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