Monday, August 20, 2012


Smoking can harm you. Cigarettes have 4000 chemicals that can cause cancer and can cause changes to your appearance. .Also the money you can save is substantial around 8000 dollars a year. Cigarettes contain harmful chemicals from everyday products. I recommend that you never start smoking.

Smoking gives you cancer I know you know that but the cancer can be in any part of your body. Cigarette have around 40in  4000 chemicalsthem it conta0ins chemicals including Benzene0  (petrol additive), Formaldehyde (ecmbalming fluid), ammonia (nail polish remover)(fly spray)(jet fuel).The tar in your lungs will give a bad cough it will feel like you're coughing up a lung so I hear.So people have to get amputations (get limbs cut off) beacause the blood stops flowing to those arms or legs.By smoking you triple your chance of getting cancer.

Not only will it affect the inside of your body it will affect the outside and you can get bad breath which will smell horrible,you will have yellow fingernails and burnt fingertips and black teeth and rotting gums.The chemicals from the smokes can you skin to tighten and can give you some wrinkles.The effects of smoking is not worth it to me so i'm never going to start.

If  you smoke one pack a day you can save up to around 100 dollars a week,400 dollars in a month and 8000 dollars a year for one pack of smokes.You can save a substantial amount of money if you you don’t start at all.The addictive drug will make you wanting more and more until you smoke a pack of cigarettes a day.

I reckon teens start smoking because of peer pressure and everyone around them is doing it and they pressure them.People just want to fit in so they start and can not stop.

also done with a friend Tupac

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