Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sports Rotation

"Dammit,” I roared with fury, as my school uniform got soaking wet.I had written tai 3 down on my hand.I saw the same thing on the wall.So I asked the person  next to me “whats going on I whispered and he replied “oh hi, the teachers in the senior block are going to see what the juniors do.So they left us here to play games and other things”.

I looked around thinking what was going to happen or what we're going to do their wasn't much teacher left the only teachers that I thought there was is our principle Mr Burt and vice principal Mr Jackson or as we call him Mr J.But what I didn't relays was that there was a whole wolf pack of teacher left.

“Sup”I heard all around me, everyone was talking “listen up”a loud voice exploded out of the speakers then dead silent I turned around and saw Mr Burt with the microphone he said “I know that you all know that your teacher are out until morning tea were going to do some fun activities

”.He named out all of the activities “yous are going to do sing star in the staff room,cyber coach in the street,an obstacle course in the breeze”(I didn't want to do that I was SOOOOOOO! tired I was like a zombie that day)mystery activities in the library, music I.C.T room.       

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Tupac said...

Great writing about the sports rotation Kobe keep it up.