Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Long Trip Funereal

On Thursday the 20th of September I had missed school to go to my great aunts funeral. She had just past away.So me and my dad got up at 6:00 and quiwckly got ready and went on the motorway to pick up my sister in Papatoetoe.

After picking up my sister Daryen we made our way down to Tauranga. I was so excited to see my cuisines again. I hadn't seen them in 2 year they were so funny their names were Bayle and Ashley.Oh and I also missed my favorite uncle and my auntie.

We were still in our car and one hour had been past. My butt was about to fall off, it was soooooooo! sore there was still 2 hour to go.”NOOO!” I said vociferously I couldn't stand to wait in the car my butt was sore and I was stuck in there with my very VERY! annoying sister.   

“Wake up we're here now son” I woke up yes we're here now yes, yes, yes I opened the door and laid down on the ground.Come on Kobe help us take the coffin in the pit I was thinking to myself that they needed me because of my mussels.I was looking around trying to find my cuisines and my favorite uncle and my auntie.But hey that was actually fun.

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